93 Year Old Man Walks in the Rose Parade

Julian Grembla may be 93 years old and legally blind, but he won't let that stop him.

The Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade has been entertaining Americans for 121 years now, and for all but 28 of those years Julian Grembla has been a fan.

Now Julian is ready to take a new big step in his life, and become one of the oldest people to walk, not ride, but walk the entire Rose Parade on new years day.

"I think this will be a wonderful experience for me," said Julian Grembla, Parade Participant.

For anyone, just imagining to walk such a distance at 93 is enough of a challenge, but Julian is legally blind, which will make the feat even more impressive.

"For blind people, imagine for me, to walk down the main streets of Pasadena for five and a half miles. They call it a stroll," said Julian Grembla, Parade Participant.

Julie is marching with the Lion's Club, the Braille Group and the VA Hospital.

"There are unfortunate people who do not see from birth, but people who have seen it for all their lives as I have, to my age, are well acquainted and appreciate it for what it is. Here, after all these years, I know what it looks like, and how beautiful it is, and how many people are enthused about it, so it's easy for me to appreciate the chance to participate."


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