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BMW Dealership Fires Joyriders



    Pacific BMW fired two employees who posted video of themselves driving a new car at high speeds through residential streets. (Published Monday, Aug. 29, 2011)

    Two BMW dealership employees who posted video of themselves taking a new car for a high-speed joyride through the streets of Glendale have been fired, according to the general manager of the dealership.

    The video posted on YouTube outraged bloggers on various car websites like  who alerted the dealership and called for the termination of the employees.

    The video has been repeatedly taken down and re-posted.

    Steve Lindstrom, the general manager of Pacific BMW in Glendale, confirmed that the employees were fired.

    The bloggers were not only angry at the recklessness and danger of driving through residential neighborhoods at high speeds in the BMW 1 Series M , but they were also upset at the damage that could have been done to the $46,000 car before it was sold.

    It is generally accepted that new cars is risk damage if they are driven at high speeds before they have logged at least 1,000 miles.

    A BMW technician who has since examined the car said it was not damaged.

    “In the data, we can see if the car was over revved or if it slipped a gear,” said Kelly Stoker. “The car was just fine.”

    Stoker called the two joyriders "kids," estimating they were in their late teens or early twenties.

    Investigators are also looking at linking the driver to similar videos previously posted on the web, according to the The La Canada Valley Sun.

     “It appears to be the same man,”  Glendale City spokesman Tom Lorenz told the paper.

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