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Ongoing coverage of Bryan Stow attack and the lawsuit filed by the family

Bryan Stow's Family Joins Peace March, Thanks City

The family of the Giants fan who was beaten joins in a call for peace, prepares to move the criticially injured man to San Francisco



    In a weekend filled with significance, the family of Bryan Stow joined a peace march on Saturday and thanked residents and city leaders for their support at a press conference on Sunday announcing that he will be moved from LA to San Francisco.

    “Every single card, our prayers and thoughts are with you, so that’s what’s kept us strong,” said Ann Stow, Bryan Stow’s mother.

    Stow, a Giants fan, was severely beaten on opening day at Dodger Stadium and remains in critical condition.

    “The other day he opened his eyes,” Ann Stow said at the third annual Peace in the North East march . “He’s not focusing, but he’s opened them.”

    Hundreds of residents of Glassell Park and neighboring communities, including families and young children, participated in the march, which is intended to combat the gang violence that has plagued the area in recent years.

    “Whether you guys like it or not you’re a part of our family,” Bonnie Stow, Bryan Stow’s sister, told the crowd.

    Stow’s attackers have not been apprehended. A billboard company launched a massive ad campaign last week featuring sketches of the alleged attackers.

    “When you look at the people around here, this community coming together, we definitely thought we had to be a part of this,” Ann Stow said.

    The march began in 2008 in response to a wave of gang-related violence that made Glassell Park on of the most dangerous communities in the city. This year violent crime is down 37%, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

    Homicides are down almost 70 percent, according to one activist who marched in the event.

    On Monday Stow is scheduled be transported via medical jet from County USC Medical Center to UCSF Hospital in San Francisco.


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