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Don't Let the Cane Fool You



    Don't Let the Cane Fool You
    Artie Ojeda
    Don't let the cane fool you.

    The man accused of threatening bank tellers managed to not only get out of the bank surrounded by officers but made it several blocks away, despite the use of a cane.

    The man, who is unidentified, walked into the Bank of America in City Heights and asked to speak to the bank manager. Once inside the bank manager's office, the suspect produced a long note demanding cash and claiming to have an explosive device, according to San Diego police investigators.

    "There was panic," said Andy Tang, who was inside making a deposit. "Someone yelled 'Get out there's a bomb threat.' It was surreal."

    The bank manager slipped into the vault and grabbed a small amount of money. He directed the assistant manager to evacuate the bank just before 11:30 a.m.  Seventeen bank employees, all wearing Charger jerseys on this game day, were able to get out safely. 

    After the bank manager handed a bag with the money to the suspect, he left the bank and thought that he had locked the suspect inside, according to police.

    Traffic was diverted away from the area. El Cajon Blvd was blocked off two blocks on either side of Marlborough Ave. Officers surrounded the bank and worked with Bank of America to check the inside the building for any sign of the suspect. While they were searching, a citizen walked up to officers and reported seeing a man hiding on his porch in the 4300 Marlborough Street, according to police.

    When officers arrived at the home, they found the man laying on the ground and arrested him, using two cuffs and helping him walk to the patrol car.

    No weapons or explosives were found on the suspect. Officers stayed at the bank and swept the building to make sure no other suspects were inside.