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California Sends 14 New Lawmakers to 113th Congress

Nearly 100 new lawmakers will be part of the 113th Congress, replacing a body considered one of the least productive in decades



    California's 14 new lawmakers in Washington D.C. were sworn in Thursday morning as members of the 113th Congress, which includes 84 new members in the House and 13 new Senators, took their seats.

    Although nearly 100 freshman lawmakers were scheduled to be sworn in Thursday, the party breakdown will not change significantly. Democrats will continue to control the Senate, 55-45. Republicans maintain a majority in the House, 233-200, with two vacancies.

    The newcomers are part of a Congress that replaces one of the least productive in decades. The 112th Congress -- approval ratings dipped to a low of 12 percent -- wrapped up remaining business Thursday morning before ceremonies began for the new Congress.

    Five of the 14 California freshmen defeated incumbents to claim a seat in the House. Several are former members of the State Senate and Assembly.

    A vote on Hurricane Sandy aid is likely to be among the new legislators' first tasks. House Speaker John Boehner -- re-elected Thursday to that post -- agreed to call for a vote on a plan to provide funds for flood insurance claims.

    California's 14 New Members of the 113th Congress

    Doug LaMalfa, R-1st District: Previously a member of the State Senate and State Assembly, LaMalfa is a Richvale resident who studied Agricultural Management at California Polytechnic State University.

    Jared Huffman, D-2nd District: The San Rafael resident was a member of the State Assembly.

    Dr. Ami Bera, D-7th District: Defeated incumbent Rep. Dan Lungren after serving as Chief Medical Officer for Sacramento County and Associate Dean of Admissions for UC-Davis. Currently resides in Elk Grove.

    Paul Cook, R-8th District: Former member of the State Assembly and Yucca Valley Town Council. Resides in Yucca Valley.

    Eric Swalwell, D-15th District: Defeated incumbent Rep. Peter Stark. Served on Dublin City Council and Planning Commission, and worked as Alameda County prosecutor. Resides in Dublin.

    David G. Valadao, R-21st District: Former State Assembly member. Resides in Hanford.

    Julia Brownley, D-26th District: Previously a member of State Assembly and president of Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education. Resides in Oak Park.

    Tony Cardenas, D-29th District: Previously a member of Los Angeles City Council and State Assembly. The Los Angeles resident won an open seat. 

    Gloria Negrete McLeod, D-35th District: Defeated incumbent Rep. Joe Baca. Former member of State Senate and State Assembly. Resides in Chino. 

    Raul Ruiz, D-36th District: Defeated incumbent Rep. Mary Bono Mack. The Palm Desert resident was Senior Associate Dean at the UC-Riverside School of Medicine. 

    Mark Takano, D-41st District: A teacher who was born and raised in Riverside, Takano is first openly gay lawmaker of color. Served as president of the Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees. Resides in Riverside.

    Alan Lowenthal, D-47th District: Previous member of State Senate and State Assembly. The Long Beach resident also was a member of the Long Beach City Council. 

    Juan Vargas, D-51st District: Previous member of State Senate, State Assembly and San Diego City Council. Resides in San Diego.

    Scott Peters, D-52nd District: Defeated incumbent Rep. Brian Bilbray. Served on the San Diego Unified Port District Board and was president of the City Council. Resides in San Diego.