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Suspect in Stow Assault to Remain in Jail

Giovanni Ramirez has not been charged in connection with the opening day assault, but he remains the LAPD's prime suspect



    A parole commissioner ruled Friday that Giovanni Ramirez will remain in jail on a parole violation. That commissioner also said there is not enough evidence to hold Ramirez for allegedly taking part in the beating of Bryan Stow outside Dodger Stadium in March. Toni Guinyard bring us up to date with the latest developments. (Published Friday, June 3, 2011)

    The suspect in the Bryan Stow assault at Dodger Stadium will remain in jail after a parole hearing Friday at Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles.

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    Giovanni Ramirez has not been charged in connection with the beating of Stow on opening day. He remains in custody on $1 million bail on a parole hold.

    The hearing Friday was conducted to determine whether Ramirez violated terms of his parole when he was arrested for the beating of Bryan Stow on March 31. The closed hearing looked at evidence to see whether Ramirez had committed assault with intent to great bodily injury or if he had been found in possession of a gun.

    Giovanni Ramirez Remains Prime Suspect

    [LA] Giovanni Ramirez Remains Prime Suspect
    LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says he's not ready to share polygraph results with the Giovanni Ramirez defense. That's not going over well.
    (Published Thursday, June 2, 2011)

    Ramirez's attorney said the parole panel ordered Ramirez kept in jail, but that decision had nothing to do with the beating allegation.

    "At this point, there wasn't sufficient evidence to show that there was probable cause to charge him for any type of assault on Mr. Stow whatsoever," said Ramirez's attorney J. Christopher Smith.

    When asked whether any evidence was presented regarding the assault on Stow, Smith said, "There was information provided. A police report, some other information, and that was it. It was merely a police report and some other reports from a parole agent."

    Ramirez's attorneys are planning to file a motion to preserve surveillance video from businesses near Vermont and the 101 Freeway, which they say, may show Ramirez on or after the day Stow was attacked. Attorney Anthony Brooklier said Ramirez didn't shave his head until a day or two after the game, and the surveillance video may show that.

    LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told reporters Thursday morning that investigators are not ready to send the case against Ramirez to the District Attorney’s office. Ramirez is the prime suspect in the assault.

    "I do not arrest people lightly," Beck said.

    Ramirez's attorneys said he was nowhere near Dodger Stadium on the day of the assault.

    Earlier this week, Ramirez submitted to an LAPD polygraph test. The results of the test have not been made public.

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