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DA Declines to File Charges Against 911 Caller in Pasadena Cop Shooting

Oscar Carrillo, 26, was being held on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter stemming from a fatal police shooting



    A police shooting in Pasadena left an unarmed teenager dead and the 911 caller arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter. Prosecutors say they're not ready to file charges against that caller, who admitted to lieing to police that his assailants were armed. Gordon Tokumatsu reports from Pasadena. (Published Tuesday, April 3, 2012)

    Involuntary manslaughter charges will not be filed against the man accused of lying to a 911 dispatcher about being robbed at gunpoint, a falsehood that police said contributed to the death of a 19-year-old suspect.

    “We have rejected it pending further investigation and we are doing legal research,'' said Sandi Gibbons with the District Attorney's Office.

    Oscar Felipe Carrillo, 26, told police that he had been the victim of an armed robbery on March 24 near Orange Grove Boulevard and Summit Avenue in Pasadena, said Lt. Phlunté Riddle, a spokeswoman at the Pasadena Police Department.

    Although he won’t be charged in this instance, Carrillo will likely be turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stemming from a 2006 deportation case, said Virginia Kice, ICE spokeswoman.

    The agency has 48 hours to take Carrillo into custody and investigate his returning to the country after being formally deported to Mexico, Kice said. Carrillo showed up on ICE’s radar following his most recent arrest by Pasadena police.

    Carrillo was arrested on March 29 on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter following the death of Kendrec McDade, who was unarmed when he was shot and killed in the 700 block of Sunset Avenue during a chase with two officers -- one of whom drove while the other chased him on foot.

    The officer in the car fired at McDade when the teenager made a sudden move toward the officer, his hand at his waistband, Riddle said.

    “The officer believed he was going to be killed and he shot Mr. McDade,” Riddle said.

    Pasadena police claimed Carrillo’s unfounded report that the robbers pulled out what appeared to be silver pistols framed that fatal pursuit.

    According to police, Carrillo admitted fabricating the story about being robbed by armed assailants in an attempt to get officers to respond faster.

    There were no witnesses, and the dash-mounted camera in the police car was not running during the shooting.

    McDade’s family was outraged over the shooting, which supporters have drawn parallels to the fatal shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

    "When the chief wants to say these were tactical moves ... shooting out of the police car ... Come on man. That's a drive by," said Kevin McDade, Kendrec McDade's uncle. "I would like to see justice served. I would like the police to quit trying to cover up the real situation for political reasons."

    McDade was one of two suspects Carrillo said were rifling through his car when he returned from a taco stand.

    McDade’s 17-year-old accomplice was arrested and charged with grand theft, commercial burglary and failure to register as a gang member as a condition of probation.

    The officers involved in the shooting, Jeffery Newlen and Mathew Griffin, have been placed on paid administrative leave while an investigation continues.

    City News Service contributed to this article

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