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Quake Rattles the Happiest Place on Earth

Some tourists thought it was part of the show. Quake veterans knew better



    The 7.2 magnituide quake that hit northern Mexico also shook up the happiest place on earth.

    Park patrons at Disneyland described a rolling motion that swept over the park at 3:40p.m.  Hotel guests reported seeing water suddenly splashing in the swimming pools.

    The park was quickly divided into the quake veterans and rookies. One vistor from Orlando said he thought the ground movement "was just part of the show."

    Greg Caisley, a tourist from Austrailia said, "It took us awhile to understand what was happening."

    Tourist Gets Unexpected Ride at Disneyland

    [LA] Tourist Gets Unexpected Ride at Disneyland
    For a few seconds, Disneyland was one of the shakiest places on earth. A guest describes the earthquake.
    (Published Sunday, April 4, 2010)

    He said the Aussies don't experience earthquakes, and he wasn't sure what he should do. 

    "When we saw the hotel workers standing under the archways, we figured we'd better do the same."

    But quake veterans knew the real thing, and hundreds of them moved quickly to the wide-open Main Street, away from any structures that could collapse in a major quake.  

    Earthquake: "Look at That"

    [LA] Earthquake: "Look at That"
    SoCal swimming pools, like this one in Marina del Rey, sloshed Sunday afternoon.
    (Published Sunday, April 4, 2010)

    Park protocol dictates all rides come to a stop in the event of an earthquake. The rides remained motionless for about an hour while inspectors made sure none was damaged.    

    Disneyland spokespeople say the park never closed, and after it was determined nothing was damaged, all the rides resumed.  We assume all the long lines and waits for those rides resumed as well.