Abandoned Baby, Mom Reunited; Dad Still Sought

A 6-month-old girl who was abandoned at a Mid-City hospital was back with her mother Monday, and police said they had interviewed the man who left her at the medical facility.

The baby's mother, who is not suspected of being involved with the abandonment, told authorities she took the infant for a weekend visit with the child's father Saturday night. Less than a half-hour later, another man dropped off the girl at Olympia Medical Center at 5900 W. Olympic Blvd.        
The man apparently asked an employee to take care of the child and then left, said police spokeswoman Norma Eisenman.

Police released a security camera photo of the man and pictures of the baby and said media coverage resulted in the child's grandparents learning about the abandonment and calling police.
The man who dropped off the baby -- apparently reacting to the media coverage -- turned himself in at the LAPD Wilshire Station last night and was interviewed by police, Eisenman said. His name was not released.
Authorities were reviewing the case for possible prosecution, Eisenman said, adding that the child's father is still being sought for questioning.

The state's safe-surrender law allows parents to drop off newborns at a hospital or fire station anonymously and without repercussions, but only if the child is less than 4 days old.   

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