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Witnesses Say They Saw Man Beat Dog Before Group Attacks Him

Witnesses say they saw the man slamming the dog on the pavement and kicking it.

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A group of people were caught on camera beating a man accused of abusing a small dog on a leash in Hollywood.

Some people passing by got out of their cars to help.

"I pulled over and started chasing him," witness Jena Malone said. "Because it's absolutely not OK."

Another witness said the man was dragging him and kicking him Monday near Sunset Boulevard and the 101 Freeway.

He said the man started running and a group chased him.

Speaking to NBCLA's cameraman just before police arrived, the man, who police have not identified, said he didn't think the dog was hurt.

"That's why I did it, it's my mother's dog and he should obey me," the man said.


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LA criminal law attorney Andrew Leventhal reviewed the footage and he said the altercation leading up to rescuing the dog is probably fair. But continuing to beat the suspect after the dog is safe might raise some legal questions.

"I mean it looks like the dog was already being taken care of at that point. So technically could the prosecution file charges against the men beating up the animal abuser? Yeah, technically they could," he said.

The LAPD did not file charges against the group who attacked the man.

The man who was allegedly beating the dog, however, was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty.

The dog was taken by animal control. The owner contacted NBC4 late Tuesday, saying said her son took the dog, Champion, and that he was going to be OK and it had suffered a broken leg.

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