AM Headlines: A Day of Bicycles

"Grim Sleeper" Suspect in Court: The man accused of being the "Grim Sleeper" serial killer is due in a Los Angeles courtroom to face 10 counts of murder and one other charge of attempted murder. [Associated Press]

Get Out of Town: A look at where Southern Californians are headed this summer. [KPCC]

A 90-Percent Salary Cut: The city of Bell continues to fume over its city officials' salaries. [Full Story]

Even More Problems in Bell: The LA Times speaks with a former Bell officer who says there were serious voting irregularities in the 2009 election. [LA Times]

Boycott or Bust: The Los Angeles City Council will choose today  whether to break its economic boycott of Arizona for the second time, or walk  away from a proposed deal with a Scottsdale-based company that employs several  local drivers at LAX. [Press-Telegram]

Also on the Council's Plate:
The City Council will consider today whether to  withhold payment of $600,000 in electricity bills to the Department of Water  and Power -- at least until the utility makes good on a debt to the consulting  firm that evaluated the need for a contentious electricity rate hike last  spring.

Couple Pleads Not Guilty in Purse Snatching: The victim: a 7-year-old boy. [OC Register]

He's No Superman: But he is the Clark Kent Bandit, according to investigators. [Daily Breeze]

Day of Bicycles: The event, for just one day, would shut down Main Street to cars. [Santa Monica Daily Press]

Lohan Keeps Hair Extensions: Some released LA County inmates say that amounts to spcial treatment. [LA Times]

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