America's Got Talent? Maybe Not

Tuesday was the second week of quarter-finals, but several of the acts failed to impress either the judges or the audience.

If you were wondering where the talent was in "America's Got Talent" tonight, you weren't alone.

"If there wasn't a lot of talent, it makes it easier for America to choose. They've got to send eight home. I think there's eight worthy of going home," according to Howie Mandel, Judge.

"It definitely took time to get some momentum going," says Sharon Osbourne, Judge. "It was slow."

"Did you see me almost get attacked by the horse? That was a weird and awkward moment. I felt like the horse was more upset than anybody, " according to Nick Cannon, Host of America's Got Talent.

As always, Piers Morgan was the most blunt.

"A lot of the acts were diabolical tonight. You put your faith in them to deliver. The horse act was atrocious. The juggler dropped everything. The singers were flat. It was a pretty poor night all around," according to Piers Morgan, Judge.

But the talent did rise to the occasion toward the end of the show. Backstage the judges had high praise for the motor bike act and the last act, Silhouette.

"It's a world class act," according to Morgan. "It's unique, it's fresh, it's creative, it's original, and tonight very patriotic, but so clever."

"Of course the Silhouette's were incredible, moving, touching. So many words," according to Cannon.

But the male pole dancer received conflicting reviews. While Sharon called him spectacular, Piers buzzed him.

"I just don't like watching guys pole dancing," says Morgan. "It doesn't seem right to me."

"He's just jealous," according to Osbourne, "because he doesn't have a package like that, that's all it is."

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