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Orange County Teen Honored After His Quick Reaction Saves Family From House Fire


When we find ourselves in the middle of an emergency, it can trigger our flight or fight response.

For 14-year-old Juan Hermosillo, his quick reactions saved his family's life when they woke up to a fire in their home.

Thanks to his quick and heroic actions, Hermosillo was honored by the Orange County Fire Authority with a Life Saving Certificate on Tuesday. 

After the family returned home from a wedding celebration on Feb. 16, Hermosillo awoke during the early morning hours to the smell of smoke in his Santa Ana home. 

As he walked down the hallway, he saw plumes of black smoke coming from his parents' bedroom.

He knew he had to do something.

His mother and the rest of his family were able to escape the fire, but he found his stepfather lying on the floor. 

Hermosillo went to get the garden hose in an attempt to extinguish the flames. As the clouds of smoke grew, Hermosillo made three trips back into the house.

With some help, Hermosillo was able to rescue his stepfather. 

The man suffered burns on more than 20 percent of his body, while Hermosillo’s mother suffered second degree burns on her arm.

The teen's quick actions "prevented this house fire from turning deadly," fire officials said. 

At the certificate ceremony, Hermosillo said the incident makes him "appreciate life more." 

"I care about my parents more because they could have died that morning," he said.

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