Apple Will Add System-Wide Voice Control iPhone 5


While the world anxiously awaits for Apple to pull the cloak off the iPhone 4S/5, the thing most people seem to be neglecting is its software. The 9to5Mac Apple blog claims the next iPhone's killer feature won't just be a hardware refresh, it'll include robust voice control, too.

The iPhone's "Voice Control" will be renamed "Assistant" and it's going to be awesome. It'll essentially be a system-wide integration that'll allow you to do everything — hands-free. 9to5Mac claims you'll be able to input voice commands for things like making appointments, setting reminders, finding directions via the Maps app, and creating voice to text messages via SMS/iMessage.

English not your first language? No problem.

Assistant is literally like a personal assistant, but in your phone. The speech interpretation is so accurate that users do not even have to speak very clearly or in a slow and robotic tone, according to a source familiar with the software. Users can simply talk how they would usually talk to another person, and the iPhone with Assistant will do its best to interpret the speech and provide accurate results.

Additionally, voice control will also work with new features such as "Find my Friends" that locates your buddies who are closest to you, have integration with Wolfram Alpha's databank, and include advanced speech to text in a new feature called "Dictation."

In order for Assistant to run properly, the next iPhone will need 1GB RAM and the fast A5 dual-core processor that's found in the iPad 2. We might not know for sure what kind of iPhone Apple plans to show off next week, but at least we know it'll have crazy voice activated powers.

Via 9to5Mac

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