Avocado Toast Is Now Ice Cream

Salt & Straw has the creamy-offbeat flavor, complete with bready crouton chunks.

What to Know

  • Salt & Straw
  • Through September 2019
  • Abbot Kinney, Larchmont Village, Arts District...

If you once thought that by 2019 you'd see billboards for "Avocado Toast: The Movie" and find "Avocado Toast Magazine" on the periodical shelves, given the foodstuff's unstoppable rise over the last decade, well, those two things haven't come to pass...


But what has? A cool-off dessert that pays offbeat homage to the trendy 'n tasty toast.

It's not as unlikely as it seems, all told, a confection that calls upon the charms of the alligator pear. After all, the avocado is a fruit.

Salt & Straw has embraced this not-so-wacky notion, and is currently scooping up a fresh flavor called Avocado Toast Supreme.

There's vanilla ice cream (something not found on too many traditional avocado toasts), avocado chunks, and, mmm, salt and pepper. Bits of Tartine Bakery-made croutons are there, too, an element that gives the treat a chewiness not typically found in most frosty offerings.


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The fanciful flavor has a cute backstory, in addition to a nifty theme: Lana, a fourth grader at Larchmont Charter, came up with it. In fact, September, that ultimate back-to-school month, is all about student-invented flavors at Salt & Straw.

Other current themes dreamt up by kids at West Hollywood Elementary, Westminster Elementary, and Larchmont Charter include Nutella Strawberry Banana and Churro Horchata.

We may soon see a movie script inspired by avocado toast, and an avocado toast-inspired fashion line, and perhaps a vacation getaway at a luxury avocado toast resort.

The bread-meets-avocado combo is that powerful, that alluring, and that full of eat-ready inspiration.

Look no further than your nearest Salt & Straw scoop shop for further proof that the sky, and the ice cream counter, are the limits for the ever-aspiring avocado toast.

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