Everything Looking Up for Baby Giraffe Born at LA Zoo

The giraffe calf born about two weeks ago will be around 10 feet tall by his first birthday

The newest baby at the Los Angeles Zoo has a lot to look up to.

The unnamed male Masai giraffe made its public debut Thursday at the zoo. The little giraffe was born two weeks ago -- weighing in at around 130 pounds and standing just under 6 feet tall.

He is the first baby born to 4-year-old Zainabu.

"Zainabu is doing a great job as a first time mother," said Mike Bona, Animal Keeper at the Los Angeles Zoo. "The baby was born at night, and Zainabu didn't need any assistance from Animal Care staff."

Young giraffes can grow to 10 feet by their first birthdays, Bona said.

Giraffes are the tallest land mammal. Masai giraffes can reach heights of 17 feet and weigh 2,700 pounds.

They are found in East Africa, primarily southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. Giraffes through Africa face habitat loss and fragmentation, illegal hunting and disease, leading to declining populations.

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