Beating the Heat in Downtown LA

Temperatures reached the mid-90s on Wednesday

The Union Rescue Mission in Downtown LA had two-thousand chilled bottles of water ready for distribution on Wednesday.  CEO Andy Bales says when temperatures inch past 85 degrees, a project like this can help to save lives.

"One day we found three people near death from just being thirsty and overheated," Bales said.

Tawney Reynolds has been homeless on Skid Row for a year and says most air conditioned places are out of the question.

"Not unless you have money," Reynolds said, as she tried to keep cool under the shade of a tree.

"Sunscreen would be good, but it's expensive," Reynolds said.

Other pedestrians in Downtown LA came up with all kinds of resourceful ways to stay cool.  

In Chinatown, umbrellas were out in such force, it looked like a rainstorm was on the way.  And at a Social Services office on 4th Street, Robin Way showed off his solution, which involved wrapping a soaking wet towel around his neck.

"It gets on your shirt and gets your shirt wet. Keeps you cool," Way said.

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