Bees Kill Dog in Torrance

Family members found the dog after they returned home Sunday from church

A 40-Pound Jindo died Sunday in Torrance after she was stung by a swarm of bees.

Joe Parks said his family found their dead dog near a hive in the back yard of their home.

Six-year-old Inu was playing Sunday before the Parks left for church, he said. When the family returned home, they found her convulsing and covered with bee stings.

Hive removal expert Don Sorensen said there may have been 25,000 bees in the hive. It's not known if they were aggressive Africanized killer bees.

He calls  himself a bee herder and he  warned that this is the time of the year bees like to swarm.
It is the time of the year that flowers spring up and bees have a job to do.

Don Sorensen told NBCLA that bees are often in search of a new home and they rarely attack unless provoked.

"What I figure had probably happened is the swarm landed on the ground instead of hanging on a tree. And I figured the dog went over to see what the swarm was doing," he said.

The Torrance family that lost the dog called Sorensen who operates Bee 'n Wasp Nest Removal.

"He just wanted to talk to someone because his dog was dead." Sorensen said.

Sorensen said the family found a bee hive under the eave of their home --a hive they did not know they had.
He said it is a good idea to take notice of bees.

"If you see a bee flying into your house, you may have a problem."


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