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Bryan Stow Has Emotional Reunion With Former Fellow Paramedics

Giants fan Bryan Stow, who was brutally beaten five years ago outside Dodger Stadium, had an emotional reunion Wednesday with the paramedic unit where he once worked.

Stow, walking with crutches, looked stunned as he arrived at Regional Medical Center in San Jose and began seeing familiar faces from One Team, his former unit. Stow's parents made it a surprise for their son during National EMS Week, and it made for lots of smiles and some joyous tears.

"It's like, 'Oh my gosh,' it's all coming back," Stow said. "It's a good feeling."

Stow hugged and mingled with his former colleagues, some of whom had not seen him since he began his recovery. They were just as shocked to see how much progress he has made.

"When I first saw him walk up, I actually started to tear up because it’s such an emotional moment for us all," said Courtney Davis-Cardenas, EMS director. "I don’t think he’s been to Regional since he was working as a paramedic. So just to see him come up and see his expression, his face and how excited he is to see all of us, it’s priceless."

The unit presented Stow with an official Santa Clara County EMS paramedic badge.

"To see him here today, interacting with staff, laughing, joking; he is back to his normal self," said Dr. Elaine Nelson, medical director at Regional. "It’s so wonderful."

Stow was filled with emotion, too. "It hits me hard here," he said, tapping his chest.

Stow said the next time he visits Regional, he plans to be walking without assistance.

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