California Population Growth Slows

For many, the golden state has lost some of its luster. Tough economic times have contributed to the state's slowest population growth rate in more than a decade as the number of people coming to the state barely kept pace with those leaving, according to Department of Finance data reported in the LA Times.

According to the Times:

Across the state, natural increases rather than migration accounted for the largest source of population growth. Los Angeles County, for instance, lost more people than it gained through migration but grew slightly to 10.4 million people from July 2008 to July 2009 because births outstripped deaths.

Los Angeles County gained 89,361 people through natural increases (147,319 births minus 57,958 deaths) but lost a net 21,736 people through migration.

Imperial County saw the states largest growth, where the population increased by 2.2%.The state's overall population grew to 38,487,889, with 141,865 people leaving the state and 179,493 arriving, the Times reported.

Data comes from birth and death counts, data on driver's licenses, housing, school enrollment and federal income taxes collected by the Department of Finance.

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