Los Angeles

Budding Cannabis Business Expo Sprouts in Downtown Los Angeles

The 5th annual Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition takes of the Los Angeles Convention Center

Cannabis cultivators, entrepreneurs, investors and people who believe California will be a mecca for the marijuana market -- plus a handful of men sporting bushy white beards and marijuana-patterned Hawaiian shirts -- drifted into downtown Los Angeles Thursday for a weed expo. 

The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center where Cannabis-related business owners, health care workers, animal-care workers, budding entrepreneurs, and the cannabis-curious were among the patrons walking around and networking. 

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The event organizers said they believed California is poised to be one of the biggest global cannabis markets due to the recent legalization of recreational adult use.  

The exposition opens to the public Thursday and runs until Saturday, Sept. 29.

In addition to booths that show off different businesses, services, and products, the exposition will also hold panels featuring keynote speakers who they have identified as trailblazers and industry experts. 

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