Caped Couple to Take Same-Sex Wedding Vows

Gay marriage debate will hit comic book stands this summer

It's a superhero world for many people. The success of "The Avengers" makes that pretty clear. The caped crime fighters and their nemeses have been around for decades.

But aside from Clark and Lois, Peter Parker and Mary Jane, and Batman's classy romantic encounters, love has always seemed hard to find for these higher beings.

Their awesome powers could not help them hold on to relationships. And the good looking guys in tights had to constantly fight off rumors.

Saturday Night Live delved into that area with its recurring short about gay supes. But Marvel Comics was the first to open the closet door and draw Northstar as gay in a groundbreaking issue back in 1992.

DC followed that up in 2009 when they pegged Batwoman as a lesbian socialite.

Now, DC has outed the Pied Piper in its Flash series, apparently to no one's surprise.

Simultaneously, Marvel has done it again, publishing an issue of Astonishing X Men where Northstar proposes marriage to his longtime partner Kyle. The answer was yes and the ceremony will take place in New York City, where the union is legal.


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