Camaro Driver Collides With School Bus, Crashes Into Living Room

The Camaro apparently spun around after the t-bone crash at a nearby intersection in Long Beach and slammed through a wall of the house

Victor Jones was sleeping in the second-floor bedroom of his Long Beach home when he was jolted out of bed by a car that crashed into his house and stopped on top of his coffee table.

The surprising scene was the result of a chain reaction crash Tuesday morning involving a 1990s-era Chevolet Camaro and school bus at a nearby intersection. The 20-year-old driver and his 19-year-old girlfriend were screaming for help after Jones heard the crash.

"I wouldn't have thought you could wake up and come downstairs and have a car in your living room," Jones said.

The Camaro and bus, carrying four children, collided at Harding Street and Lemon Avenue. The children were not injured, according to authorities, but the crash sent the Camaro across Jones' yard and into his living room.

Rubble surrounded the car, which left a gash in an exterior wall of the home and shattered a tank that contained exotic fish in the living room. The fish survived, Jones said.

"Somehow, the driver of the Camaro loses control and kind of does a right-hand, button-hook U-turn here," said Officer Scott Hawkins, of the California Highway Patrol.

Photos and artworks was destroyed, the Jones family said. No injuries were reported.

Both vehicles were traveling at about 30 mph, according to investigators.

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