City of Glendale Celebrates Earth Day With Fair Promoting Sustainable Living

The city of Glendale is celebrating Earth Day by promoting sustainable living habits and ways to recycle at a fair.

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At the Earth Day and Beyond Fair in Glendale is where the city and its partners are joining forces to celebrate the planet while highlighting the importance behind sustainable living.

"It's a reminder throughout our communities about the importance of climate change and protecting our environment and preserving our communities," said Elizabeth Harris, with the Office of Sustainability in Glendale.

Harris helped organize an afternoon of programs for the Earth Day event at the Glendale library from unique recycling practices to in-depth carbon conversations.

"Learn new things, learn how we can take action, but also celebrate the wins because we have a lot of great vendors here," Harris said.

One of the vendors included Cool Planet food truck.

"No plastic water bottles, compostable wear and forks, things like that, solar lighting at night," said Sandy Kraehling, a chef with the Cool Planet food truck.

Kraehling the creator and owner of the company says each person's collective contribution is a movement.

"Each one of us has a say and an ability to make change," Kraehling said.

She is inspiring people of all ages to help protect and build a greener tomorrow.

"Apple tree, I love apple tree," said Sarah Sanchez, a 7-year-old celebrating Earth Day. "They need water to grow."

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