Watch: Clerk, Customers Caught in Frightening Shootout at Montebello 7-Eleven

No injuries were reported in a chaotic shooting that had customers and a clerk caught in the crossfire at a Montebello 7-Eleven store.

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Customers and a clerk ducked for cover when they were caught in a shootout at a Montebello 7-Eleven.

Security camera video from behind the store counter shows the exchange of gunfire, which happened nearly three weeks ago at the store east of Los Angeles. Authorities released the video Thursday in an effort to track down two gunmen.

The video shows a man wearing a white hoodie and cap in line at the counter walk toward the exit, where he encountered a man in a black T-shirt and cap. The two appeared to briefly exchange words before both pulled out handguns and fired several rounds.

Two customers were caught in the crossfire between the two men. The clerked ducked down behind the counter.

Police said they're not sure how many rounds were fired, but the chaotic sound of gunfire lasted several seconds.

The clerk and customers were not injured in the shooting around 10 p.m. Saturday, April 30. Employees said the store was riddled with bullet holes.

Store employees and police said it's not clear why the two men started shooting.

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