Compton School Literally Makes Water Out of Thin Air

As the first in the Compton Public School District to introduce, “Farm of the Future," a Santa Monica based company partnered with the school to extract water from the air for purification.

The Compton Public School District has replaced its aging water pipes with a new system that literally makes water out of thin air. 

On Wednesday, students showed how it works, and how they’re using it to irrigate their very own campus garden.

Whaley Middle School students Kanice Nunley and Yamilex Franco are learning that, even in a drought, they can grow their own organic vegetables right in the middle of Compton.

“I’ve learned a lot, it’s been really fun coming out and helping the garden, see how much it grows by the day," says Kandice Nunley.

This campus garden is part of the “Farm of the Future” program, set up by a Santa Monica based company named Skywell.

Skywell partnered with the Compton Public School System to teach students about science and sustainable solutions to California’s drought.

They’re irrigating the entire garden using a unique system that extracts water from the air, and funnels it through a special tank. 


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“We suck in ambient air and roll it over a cold surface. It can no longer hold its moisture. We separate the moisture from the air, purify it, clean it and store it," Ron Dorfman, Skywell CEO said.

A sample of Wednesday’s first harvest was given to Compton’s mayor who hopes to eventually distribute the produce at the city’s farmers markets.

This is the very first garden, but the goal is to eventually expand the project so every single school in the Compton School District has a garden just like this. 

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