Congressman's Missing Grandchildren Found in Mexico

Children were allegedly abducted by their mother three years ago.

The FBI, working with authorities in Mexico, tracked down the three grandsons of Rep. Gary Miller (R-Mission Viejo) who were allegedly abducted by their own mother more than three years ago.

The mother, Jennifer Lopez DeJongh, who did not have legal custody of the children,  was arrested Wednesday in Mexicali.

She faces charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, according to the FBI.

She is accused of kidnapping her 11-year-old son and nine-year-old twin boys November 2007 after failing to return them to their father who was the custodial parent.

The father of the children is Brian Miller, son of Rep. Gary Miller.

DeJongh and Miller were involved in a custodial dispute at the time she disappeared with the children.

The congressman issued a statement saying "My wide and I are extremely grateful to the FBI, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Mexican authorities and all those whose hard work and unwavering dedication made this possible."

The children are expected to be reunited with their father and other family members shortly.


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