Could You Own Part of the Dodgers?

In the Wake of Recent Ownership and Financial Problems with the Dodgers, a Group of Fans have Launched Their Own Plan to Buy the Franchise, Similar to the Setup in Green Bay With the the Packers

Dodger Stadium was nearly empty for Wednesday's game with the Cubs, yet a local group wants to buy the team and turn fans into stockholders.

"The commissioner and other owners don't look favorably upon public ownership. We understand that. We are gonna show them that our bid will be as strong, if not stronger than other bids for the team, ultimately," according to Stanley Stalford, of

On Wednesday night Dodger lovers discussed stadium safety since the opening day attack on Giants fan Brian Stow!.

"There's a decline in attendance. People have indicated, they don't want to go back to Dodger games because of the security issue, and because of the public drunkenness," according to Richard Zaldivar, activist.

"I know most of the drinking goes on outside, in parking lot, and I believe that's an issue. Most of the people when they arrive inside, they're already drunk," says Daisy Perez, a Dodger fan.

The prospective owners say much will improve if fans can buy a piece of the Dodgers.

"I do think it's time for new ownership," according to Stalford. "I think what the commissioner has done is bold and intelligent move."

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