Long Beach

Demolition of Old Gerald Desmond Bridge Has Begun

Demolition of the old 410-foot-long Gerald Desmond Bridge has begun.

The old Gerald Desmond Bridge sits waiting to be torn down next to the new bridge.

The demolition of the 410-foot-long bridge that sits over the Port of Long Beach has begun and will last until 2023.

The process of dismantling the old bridge will cost $59.9 million, which is a part of the greater budget of $1.57 billion set aside to build and design the new replacement bridge.

History of Gerald Desmond Bridge

The bridge first opened in 1968 and was named after a former Long Beach city attorney and city councilman. Gerald Desmond played a significant role in helping fund the construction of the bridge.

Unfortunately, Desmond did not get to see the finished product. He died while the bridge was still in the construction process.

As the Port of Long Beach has grown in both domestic and international trade, the bridge has played a significant role in this growth.

The old bridge and the new bridge

The old bridge had a 155-foot clearance over the water, while the new bridge will have a 205-foot clearance. That will allow more access to ships and vessels passing underneath.

The new bridge will also include wider and safer features including a new outlook, also named in honor of Gerald Desmond, on the bridge.

The new bridge will also serve as a lasting symbol of the rich history the bridge has had in LA.

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