Deputies Not “Certain” Stanton Slayings Were Random

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- Two people whose bodies were found inside a Stanton mobile home business were shot to death, sheriff's officials confirmed Wednesday, adding that investigators were exploring the possibility that their killings may not have been a random act.

Sheriff's Investigator Joe Hoskins said detectives are looking into the possibility that the fatal shootings of Matthew Francis Scott, 42, and 49-year-old Elizabeth Palmer may have been specifically targeted by the killer.

"We're not completely certain it's not a random killing, but the likelihood is not great," Hoskins said.

Scott was the son of a co-owner of the business, and Palmer was a long-time secretary. Their bodies were found Feb. 2 behind Palmer's desk, and her Lexus is still missing.

Both had gone to work at Golden Sun Homes, 12331 Beach Blvd., between 9 and 10 a.m. The deaths were reported at 10:50 a.m.

"We have some evidence of value, some of which I'm not prepared to talk about at this time," Hoskins said. "It might jeopardize the investigation."

"And we have a missing vehicle that we haven't located and we're pleading to the public for assistance in finding that vehicle," Hoskins said. "We believe there may be quite a bit of value in that vehicle as evidence."

Palmer's stepdaughter, Linda, said Palmer had never expressed any worries or problems associated with the job she held for about 15 years.

"She was the kind of person who helped everyone to a fault," said Linda Palmer, who was 9 when Palmer married her father.

Palmer's husband of about 30 years, Richard Palmer, said he had talked to his wife shortly before learning of the killings.

"It must have been just before" the slaying, he said.

On the day she died, "it was just a normal boring day at work," he said.

Robbery does not appear to be a motive, Hoskins said.

"This is a non-cash business," Hoskins said. "This isn't like a convenience store robbery or anything like that where the motive is pretty apparent its a monetary gain situation. "One of the reasons again that we're having the media here today is that there are so many avenues to explore in this case and this is a wide-open case and that's one of the reasons we're trying to narrow this down, by A, finding the vehicle, and B, pleading (for) the public's assistance.

"Somebody saw something, somewhere, somebody knows something along the way and people do talk."

Asked if investigators were stymied, Hoskins said, "I wouldn't say it's completely cold."

Deputies continue to look for the 2004 white four-door Lexus ES300, with the license 5FYP194.

"We are very interested in that vehicle," Hoskins said.

Anyone with more information about the killings or the whereabouts of the white Lexus was urged to call 866-847-6273.

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