Driven to Park in Your Driveway

To make more parking available, LA is experimenting with the idea of letting residents park in front of their own driveways

Finding a parking space in LA is more than a challenge -- on some days it's an impossible mission.

The trouble is there is only so much free space on streets, or is there?

The City of LA has come up with a new idea to free up more parking spaces on residential streets: let homeowners block their driveways with their own cars.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl has proposed the new parking program for his coastal district that includes Playa del Rey, Venice and Mar Vista, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"Our beach communities especially are so congested year-round," said Rosendahl, as reported by the Times.

The current California Vehicle Code does not allow parking on the street in front of driveways, according to the LA Times, but does provide an exemption if cities create a permitting system.

In all likelihood, homeowners will probably have to purchase a permit in order to park in front of their driveways. Right now a ticket for blocking a driveway costs $63.

Rosendahl said his goal would be to start a driveway parking pilot program in Playa del Rey by April, the newspaper reported. If successful, it could be expanded to other parts of the city.

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