CHP Live-Tweets Rescue of 9 Ducklings on Freeway

The CHP officer's smile at the end of the ordeal says it all.

After nine ducklings fell through a freeway drain grate, the California Highway Patrol and Caltrans rescued the wayward ducklings as mama duck watched on a wall nearby Monday.

CHP began tweeting the rescue Monday from the side of the eastbound 134 Freeway east of San Fernando Road in Glendale.

Under the watchful eye of mama duck, crews worked to pry the grate open.

Traffic zipped by as crews strategized how to get the ducklings out, and pried open both sides of the drain.

Crews found the source of the peep, peep, peeping coming from below.

Down the box goes for catching the disobedient ducklings.

Crews shout an audible “Yes!” after the first of nine ducklings was recovered from the grate.

All ducklings were declared safe.

Despite their brush with danger on the side of the 134 Freeway, one duckling still appeared to try to escape from the cardboard haven provided by CHP and Caltrans.

The smile of the CHP officer who aided in the rescue says it all.

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