Family of Slain Father File Suit Against Downey PD

Michael Nida was killed in an apparent case of mistaken identity by Downey police.

The pain was evident through their tears and in their words as the children of Michael Nida tearfully remembered their father.

“He’s in a better place right now, but I wish he was here with us,” said Nida's son.

“I will never get to feel those hugs he gave me in the morning or hear him say ‘I love you’, again,” said Nida's oldest daughter.

The children spoke at a press conference held Thursday to announce the family’s lawsuit against the Downey Police Department.

On a dark October night the 31-year old was confronted by Downey Police who say they were looking for a robbery suspect.

The officers reported that Nida ran away repeatedly as they tried to hold him for questioning.

Family members say police ended up shooting and killing the father of four. Nida was hit with three bullets, two striking him in the back.

Brian Claypool, the family’s attorney, believes Nida was the victim of racial profiling.

“He has a shaved head, and he fit the protocol of a Hispanic young man that usually gets in trouble,” says Claypool. “He was unarmed, he had not committed a crime he was simply minding his own business.”

According to Claypool, Nida did not fit the description of the suspect in the initial robbery call.

“African-American wearing blue shorts and hoodie,” Claypool said. “He's not black. He was not wearing shorts and a hoodie."

The family is now filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the Downey PD and a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Nailee Nida says she is reminded everyday of how involved her husband was in the lives of their kids.

She witnessed her husband die in front of her and says she wants justice.

“I want the officers that were involved to pay.” The widowed mother says she wants [the officers] “to sit in jail and rot and to think of my husband and family for the rest of their lives.”

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