Fetus Found at Recycling Plant in Baldwin Park

BALDWIN PARK, Calif. -- A fetus was found in the 14600 block of Arrow Highway near Bleecker Street in Baldwin Park on Tuesday night.

Deputy Byron Ward of the Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau said an employee at the Allan Company recycling plant spotted a paper or plastic bag containing a 6-month old fetus on or near a conveyer belt at the facility, shortly before the bag would have gone on the conveyer belt to be recycled.

The fetus was an estimated 12-16 weeks old, said Lt. Gil Carrillo of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The sex and race of the fetus will be determined after an autopsy.

The company made pick-ups from 10 different cities in San Gabriel Valley, making it difficult to identify the possible origins of the fetus, Carrillo said.

Authorities said they hope someone comes forward with information that will help the investigation, which is being carried out by Baldwin Park police and sheriff's homicide detectives.

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