Simi Valley

Watch an Adorable Reunion After Two Ducklings Are Rescued From a Storm Drain

A mother duck waited across the street as firefighters and residents retrieved here two ducklings from a Simi Valley storm drain.

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The family is quack together again.

Two ducklings were rescued from a storm drain Saturday in Simi Valley and reunited with Mom, who waited patiently as firefighters and residents pulled her youngsters to safety. 

The ducklings tumbled in to the drain around 7:30 p.m. near Sequoia Avenue and Pine View Drive in the community northwest of Los Angeles. When Ventura County firefighters responded, one of the ducklings had already been rescued by residents.

A firefighter climbed into the storm drain to retrieve the second duckling. 

The mother duck waited across the street with at least two other ducklings. The wayward two hustled to catch up before the family waddled off together. 

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