First Look: Screamingly Fast 4G Phone

The next generation of smartphone is coming


Think your smartphone is fast now?  Just wait.

Sprint says its upcoming "Evo" phone, boasting new 4G technology, will be several times faster.  Faster video, music and movie downloads, and better performance.  The company rolled out its phone for a quick peek at the recent CTIA show in Las Vegas, and says it's due out this summer.

We, too, got a demo of the new phone.  Here is a link to see it in action.

The Evo boasts the Android operating system, which is gaining popularity, thanks to phones like the Droid, and the Google Nexus One.  it will also come with Silicon Valley video startup Qik software installed, giving you an instant way to record and post video; video that will look better than ever, thanks to the 4G technology.

No price point on the phone yet.  But expect Apple to be paying close attention, and expect its soon-to-arrive iPhone update to address smartphone users' need for speed.

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