Flash Mob Caught on Camera Stealing Goods From Hemet AM-PM

The robbery happened Sunday night at a store in Hemet

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Police on Tuesday sought the public's help to find a group of thieves who stormed a Hemet AM-PM minimart on Sunday night and stole hundreds of dollars in goods.

Some in the group, seen on store surveillance video, can be seen harmlessly dancing and talking, while others grab items off the shelves. One man can be seen pulling a bag out of his pants and replacing it with a different item, before grabbing a Gatorade and walking out.

Sam Haddadin, the general manager, took it personal.

"We're nice to you we never said or did anything to harm you in any way why would you do that to us," he said. "You can't do stuff like this. If you are hungry and you want to eat, come ask. Don't steal it."

The group included men, women and even a child. Some of them were also seen in the back office, going through drawers and trying to get into the office safe, which was locked. After about two minutes, everyone walked out of the store.

"They might think it's cool. They might think it's funny, but it's not," Haddadin said.

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