Report Shows LA’s Most Delayed Flight

Southwest Airlines flight 2544 makes top 5 most delayed flight list


For Angelenos returning home from Phoenix, we have one sound piece of advice for you: Avoid Southwest Airlines flight 2544.

Flight 2544 was ranked as the No. 3 most delayed flight in October. It was late 92.31 percent of the time, according to the Air Travel Consumer Report released Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Most Frequently Delayed Flights

  1. Southwest Airlines flight 3545 from Phoenix to Sacramento, CA - late 95.45 percent of the time
  2. Southwest Airlines flight 1366 from Chicago Midway to Minneapolis-St. Paul - late 92.31 percent of the time
  3. Southwest Airlines flight 2544 from Phoenix to Los Angeles - late 92.31 percent of the time
  4. Comair flight 6352 from Houston to New York JFK - late 90.32 percent of the time
  5. Pinnacle Airlines flight 4285 from Sioux Falls, SD to Minneapolis-St. Paul - late 90.00 percent of the time
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