Former Paramount Student Alleges Band Director Coverup

Almost 20 years later a former student is coming forward in a lawsuit alleging a band director tried to cover up her pregnancy by forcing her to have an abortion.

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Years later a former student is finally coming forward in a lawsuit that alleges a band director tried to cover up her 16-year-old pregnancy by forcing her to have an abortion.

"Although it has been almost 20 years, the pain today, is as strong as the day it happened," said Sandra, the plaintiff in the lawsuit.

She asked that we use only her first name. Sandra says she's tried to live a normal life over the last 20 years since the single moment she says she's regretted her whole life.

"I had an abortion without my parents' knowledge or consent," Sandra said.

With her attorney, Sandra shared the envelopes of the prescribed pills she took after the abortion in 2005 and a photos from 2004 that she said was of her and then Paramount Band High School Assistant Steven Velasquez kissing. On the back of the photo is a hand-written note she says is from him sharing his love for her.

"He made me believe that he loved me," Sandra said.

A lawsuit filed against the Paramount School District names Velasquez in the complaint, alleging sexual battery and emotional distress. Sandra says when their relationship started, he was 20-years-old, she was 16-years-old and that she became pregnant with his baby.

She also claims that she confided in the band director at the time, who is not names in the lawsuit but says he then pressured her into getting an abortion while attempting to cover up the scandal.

"Sandra believes he went along with the ruse that Steven has suddenly died," said Samuel Dordulian, Sandra's attorney. "He ensured her it was in her best interest to have an abortion and even arranged the clinic where Sandra would eventually have her abortion."

Sandra's attorney says Velasquez was not dead and in fact reached out to her after the abortion but has since disappeared. Paramount Unified has not commented on the case and NBC4's attempts to reach the band director have been unanswered.

For Sandra, she says he hopes other potential victims come forward.

"When that needle went into my baby’s heart to stop it from beating, a piece of my heart died that day that I will never get back," Sandra said. "It’s time for all those responsible to stand up and speak the truth. Because in this life the only thing that will set you free is the truth."

The lawsuit is requesting unspecified damages and falls under a new state law where the statute of limitations would have ended at the end of this year.

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