Virtual Meets Reality: Fortnite Objects Brought to Life in California Desert

A giant burger from the hit video game, Fortnite, was spotted in Antelope Valley desert

Talk about virtual meets reality. Fortnite items have begun to make their way from your gaming screen into real life.

The "Durr Burger," a bug-eyed, larger than life burger from the popular videogame Fornite Battle Royale, was spotted in the desert of the Antelope Valley by photographer Sela Shiloni on Friday. 

Caution tape and crime scene number placards surround both the burger and Fortnite police car. The site is roped off with signs that read "if you can read this you’re in range of the anomaly."

Dedicated players and fans are traveling to the site to see the mysterious objects up close.

"I’ve been playing this game forever. I got fired from seven jobs and spent thousands of dollars on this game," said Fortnite gamer Hamburglar 24/7. "It’s just crazy, I love it. I am really glad I made it out here."

Some Fortnite fans even found "agents" at the scene who gave out cards with an agent number and a phone number.

The studio behind Fortnite, Epic Games, has not confirmed whether they are behind the stunt. But, a theory on gaming fan sites is that the stunt is to create speculation on what's to come for the newest season.

Fortnite's newest update (otherwise known as a season) is expected to be released on Thursday as confirmed by Fortnite's official Twitter account.


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Hamburglar 24/7 was one of the many people speculating on the newest season, saying it was "probably [about] time travel. I mean it [the hamburger] just landed in the middle of the desert."

Many fans were also left speculating why the burger was left in that specific spot.

"There is nothing cool out here expect for this now," said Angelina Gonazales, a resident of the Antelope Valley area. "Nothing ever happens out here."

The Antelope Valley isn't the only place where items from Fortnite are being brought to life. Reports of colorful llamas from the game appearing throughout Europe have surfaced on Twitter in the days leading up Fortnite's season five release.

Fortnite has become a phenomenon since its debutlast year. As of January 2018, Fortnite had around 45 million players across all platforms. The number has expected to have increased in the months since with platforms like Nintendo’s Switch console releasing versions of Fortnite compatible with the platform. 

The attraction will be open until Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m, according to a security guard at the site. 

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