SoCal Residents Get Ready for Rain

Rainy forecast has homeowners getting ready

Southern California homeowners were getting ready for rain Thursday night, especially people who experienced damage after last year's wind storms.

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With the window of opportunity for making repairs running out, roofers were busy Thursday.

Apartment manager Dave Howard made sure the roof on his complex in Sierra Madre had protection. Three teams from JN Davis Roofing Company were hard at work repairing damage suffered during the wind storms nearly two months back.

In the aftermath of the wind event, roof company owner Kim Smith said he received 120 calls a day. That slowed down then picked up this week with showers forecasted for the weekend and worries mounting.

“If you have a flat roof and you have water sitting on a flat roof, you know something the size of the end of your ink pen will leak about three gallons of water an hour --fill up a trash can overnight,” said Smith.

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