Ginormous Gingerbread Room Downtown

Call upon the JW Marriott at LA Live for a snap of this charming, and out-sized, structure.

Whether something is ginormous, or gargantuan, or gigantic, or any other "g"-starting word that signifies something sizable, is truly up the beholder's singular perspective.

But "ginormous" (or its other g-big neighbors) seems especially apt when talking about Mrs. Claus' Gingerbread Kitchen, a spicy-scented sight seen each holiday season in the lobby of the JW Marriott Los Angeles at LA Live.

After all, most at-home gingerbread house bakers only go through a few pounds of dough while fashioning walls, roofs, and chimneys. But this out-sized decoration? Those amounts amount to a sliver of what it requires.

Count 'em up: The gingerbread kitchen is made of 1,300 pounds of gingerbread. Stand close enough and you can smell it. Stand close enough and you can see that, yes, this is honest-to-icing real gingerbread.

But the edible isn't the only star attraction of the snapshot-ready attraction: Snackable details festoon the foyer-sized treat, which includes picture frames made from sugar and lights that have some candy cane cred.

This should inspire any aspiring at-home gingerbreadist to even better baking heights, one hopes. True even creating a small square of cookie dough that can stand on its own is a feat, but maybe, this year, you'll go a new frosting route, or incorporate a weirder candy, after seeing the gingerbread wonder inside the JW Marriott.

Good to know? It's on view through Dec. 31, 2016, and, being in the hotel lobby, is free to visit. There are other doings about the downtown destination, like Holly Jolly Day at The Mixing Room on Saturday, Dec. 17. A Santa Claus cameo, private access to the LA Live ice rink, spiked hot cocoa for the grown-ups, and treats aplenty are the bow atop this particular package.

Or perhaps you just want to eye what a whole bunch of gingerbread, expertly baked into something that's a bit smaller than a room but larger than a walk-in closet, looks like. Here's your chance to see what ginormous means when it comes to this Christmas-classic cookie.

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