Girls Raise Money for Animal Shelter Through Lemonade Stand

Someone paid the girls $20 for a cup.

Two sisters went to visit their local animal shelter in Burbank along with many other residents in the area for NBC4's Clear the Shelters event. However, they were not there to adopt, but to donate.

Allison Foenander, 8, and Molly Foenander, 10, opened a lemonade stand to raise more than $60 for the Burbank Animal Shelter, which they gave to volunteers on Saturday.

"Folks that young that care this much about animals and want to help is an amazing, generous thing," said Chris Dezorzi, a volunteer at the shelter.

He said the donated money will go to a general fund for the shelter at 1150 N Victory Pl., which pays for surgeries, medications, and foster care for animals.

The girls' father, Keith Foenander, said they came up with the idea all on their own, biking around the neighborhood notifying neighbors and making signs that read: "All proceeds go to the animal shelter."

Foenander said their family was an "animal-lovers family" and that they had adopted dogs from the Burbank shelter in the past.

Though this was not Allison and Molly's first lemonade stand, it was by far their most successful. Foenander said someone paid his daughters $20 for a cup.

"It's a very good feeling that they did this for such a worthy cause," he said. "It was a proud moment for me."

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