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Actor Who Portrays Homeless Donates Cash to Japan Fundraiser

"I guess I really do come across as homeless"



    It wasn't the first time people assumed Christian Calloway was homeless and needed money.

    When he showed up Tuesday at Dodger Stadiumfor a fundraiser for the disaster in Japan, the man with the disheveled beard and hair, the cardboard sign and a ragged sweater handed over the cash he had been given on nearby Sunset Boulevard.

    Turns out, Calloway is actually an actor. According to his website, he is "dedicated to the realistic portrayal of homeless men and degenerates."

    "I never tried to dupe anybody," Calloway, who lives in Hollywood, said Wednesday. "I felt I was being forward.

    Homeless Character Actor Donates to Japan Relief

    [LA] Homeless Character Actor Donates to Japan Relief
    Christian Calloway portrays homeless men. On Tuesday, he donated cash at a Japan fundraiser.
    (Published Wednesday, March 16, 2011)

    "I guess I really do come across as homeless. I'm trashy looking and I'm dedicated to the portrayal."

    Of course it was a case of self-promotion, Calloway said. And, it's not like he kept his identity a secret: Calloway stood at the Sunset Boulevard entrance to the stadium with a cardboard sign that included the address of his website,, at the top.

    "I saw on the news at a friend's place," he said. "It said to go to the Sunset entrance. So I thought, why not just go down there and be a little a beacon. I'm giving directions as a homeless guy so people could see that even homeless guys would care."

    The sign also urged motorists to, "Give big to Japan at Dodgers Stadium."

    "I have a strict policy of never taking money from anybody," Calloway said. "I believe it's bad karma. I'm just making sure I do what is right. I've never thought taking money from anybody while dressed homeless would be proper. I tried to explain, I'm just helping Japan out, and people wanted to give to me too. I just had to give in and start letting them know I'm going to give money from them to Japan."

    He ended up donating $13 at the fundraiser.

    NBC LA and the Clear Channel Los Angeles radio stations partnered for the fundraiser. The money is being donated to the American Red Cross Japan earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

    According to his website, he has appeared in commercials and feature films. He also appeared in a music video for System of a Down. Click here for Calloway's video page.

    Calloway said when he first came to California, it was tough to find acting work with the clean-cut look, so he found a way to improve his chances.

    "You're in a pool of so many people, so I cut my odds down," he said.

    Watch the video below for his story.