Magic Castle Fire a Message From Houdini?

Famed magician's widow held séances in Los Angeles

It's strange that the Magic Castle in Hollywood would catch fire on Halloween -- perhaps even a bit spooky.

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Keeping with the Halloween spirit, some people might take this as a message from Harry Houdini, himself, who died on Halloween in 1926.

Each year on Halloween, members of the Professional Magicians' Fraternity conduct a séance in New York City, with the goal of connecting with the spirit of Houdini.

Houdini, who spent a great deal of time debunking spiritualists, once promised if it were possible to come back from the "other side," he would do so.

For 10 years on the anniversary of his death, Mrs. Houdini conducted a séance in Los Angeles in accordance with her husband's wishes -- but she never received the secret sign that the couple had agreed upon.

She gave up after 10 years, but the Society of American Magicians has continued the tradition.

Here in Los Angeles, some believe the so-called "Houdini Mansion," located at 2435 Laurel Canyon Blvd. by Lookout Mountain, will be the site of the famous spirit's reappearance.

That actual mansion burned down many years ago, but still fans show up there every year.

This is the 85th anniversary of Houdini's death.

Maybe this year, he really did send a message. Spooky, no?

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