Huzzah! It's Ren Faire Tryout Time, Ye Olde Actors

Are you regal enough to join the Queen's Court, or perform in another fanciful manner, at the popular springtime lark?

What to Know

  • Saturday, Feb. 2, noon to 5 p.m.
  • Elk's Lodge in Duarte (2436 Huntington Drive)
  • The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire runs every weekend from April 6 through May 19, 2019.

Honest truth talk?

We all know we're actually a little bit royal, deep down inside, even if we don't leave the house sporting a sparkling tiara, and even if we don't perform the stiff-handed wave at other cars, as we sit at a stoplight on our way to work.

There is a way, however, to display our regal natures to the wider world, and to have a heap of time-travel-y fun while doing so.


By auditioning, and possibly joining, the Queen's Court at The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

This is, of course, the large-scale, oh-so-larkful celebration at Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale, the high-spirited festivity that flows, like the fluttering ribbons attached to a maypole, over several springtime weekends.


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Those weekends in 2019? The first Saturday is April 6 and the final Sunday is May 19.

But here's your need-to-know right now: Auditions to join Ren Faire as a puppeteer, a stilt walker, a storyteller, a member of the Queen's royal court, a singer, or another colorful character, will take place in Duarte on Saturday, Feb. 2.

Tally ho and so forth, from noon to 5 o'clock, at the Elk's Lodge in Duarte.

You'll need to peruse what you'll need to have ready, in terms of your tryout, before you go. Singing 16 bars of a song? Yep. A short monologue you know by heart? That, too, but be sure it is indeed brief (Ren Faire staffers are looking for 45 seconds or under).

There's lots more to consider, so clank over to the audition page and read all before saddling up your steed and trotting for Duarte.

We said "clank" there because we assume you like to wear your suit of metal armor around the house?

True? Thought so.

So is this the closest you can get to time travel? Joining Ren Faire as a performer?

Wethinks it might be, but even if you can't truly visit a spring day from centuries back, you will be among ardent fans of fantastical performance, and regal manners, and frolicsome demeanors.

What's more spring-sweet than that, Ren-Fairers? Prepare thee now, ye shall, for your big tryout.

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