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Instant Millionaire: Man Looking for Part-Time Job Wins $1 Million in LA

A Los Angeles resident who had an interview for a part-time job lined up to supplement his income became an instant millionaire at a CVS with a scratcher.

On July 24, Alhambra resident Michael Fox - no relation to the "Back to the Future" namesake - scanned his $10 The Price is Right ticket while in line at CVS.

His plans for his job interview the next day changed right then and there.

While many would expect him to jump up and down or make some type of yelp, it wasn't he who did so.

A man behind him in line, peeping over his shoulder, yelled "YEAHHHH!" when he saw Fox had become an instant millionaire.

"Luckily not too many people were at CVS. But yes, [the stranger] yelled, 'Yeah! Wow!' I just looked at him and smiled. I didn't show any emotion. I just kept quiet and walked straight to my car!" Fox said in a news release.

After booking it out of there as to not draw any more attention, the 46-year-old set his sights on making sure it was real.


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He traveled back to the Corner Store Liquor at 16 South Freemont Ave. where he bought it to scan it again.

"I wanted to scan it again because I wasn't sure the [Check-A-Ticket machine at the CVS store] was working [correctly]," Fox said.

Still dubious that his life had changed in an instant, he took a picture of the screen.

It wasn't too long after that he, unsurprisingly, canceled the job interview.

"When you win a million dollars, a lot of things go through your head," Fox said. "Even though it's a million dollars, I am going to keep working because I love what I do. I may still even get a second job at some point."

Fox also said that it took about 20 years of playing the California Lottery for his number to come up.

He'd won $500 a couple times in the past, but nothing like this.

And he's going to keep playing.

The Alhambra store where he bought his monster prize gets a bonus -- $5,000 - for selling the winning scratcher.

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