Kaya Toast Plate

2 slices    Malyasian White Bread
1 tsp    Dark Soy Sauce
dash    Ground White Pepper
1 ea    Soft Boiled Egg (5 minutes)
2 Tbl    Coconut Jam (see recipe)
¾ oz    Salted Butter Shavings

Toast the bread on one side only.

Spread 1 Tbl coconut jam on each side and then layer the butter shavings over one side before folding over into a sandwich.

Cut the bread in half, then turn and cut into 3 sections (creating 6 even pieces).

Place the kaya toast on the large rectangle plate and place the small share plate on top of it to the lefthand side.  On the small plate, place a circle of banana leaf and then the egg peeled and laid on top.  pour the dark soy over the egg and dash with white pepper.

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