Kiss Those Acne Scars Goodbye With This Procedure

Yes, acne scarring can be treated. You might be a little red, a little swollen, but you can kiss those acne scars goodbye with this procedure. Dr. Tess Mauricio was in the California Live studio to explain how one procedure can get rid of your scars and give you a confidence boost. 

According to Dr. Mauricio, the best treatment for acne scarring is her well known time machine procedure. By using the time machine procedure, patients get a custom made procedure that will rejuvenate the skin and tackle their individual concerns. 

The first step in the procedure is for platelet rich plasma and other growth factors to be drawn from your skin. That plasma is then administered back into your skin through micro-needling.

The procedure is then customized to what each patients unique concerns are. To treat acne scars, the plasma is injected specifically under the areas of scaring. To treat aging, the plasma is injected under fine lines or areas of concern. 

The down time for the procedure is minimal, with some redness and puffiness to be expected after. But patients can drive immediately after the procedure and the procedure only takes two to three hours. Another perk of the time machine procedure? It lasts. 

"The best thing about the time machine procedure, is that it gets better over time," said Mauricio. 

Interested in the procedure? Get $500 off the time machine procedure from M Beauty Clinc when you mention California Live. 

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