LAX Opens COVID-19 Testing Site With Lab, Providing Results in Just Hours

The $125 COVID-19 tests will be administered and processed at the airport.

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A COVID-19 rapid testing facility with an on-site lab that can produce results in 3-5 hours launches Thursday at the Los Angeles International Airport.

The $125 COVID-19 tests will be administered and processed at the airport, and LAWA officials called the purpose-built on-site lab "a first-of-its-kind for airports."

The testing site and lab are located in a prefab container structure across the street from Terminal 6 on the Lower/Arrivals level, between parking structures 6 and 7.

"The lab is right there with the collection facility so people will be able to have their test done much faster than if their samples had to be sent off airport property," LAWA's Charles Pannunzio told City News Service.

The lab will also process 24-hour results that are available in Terminal 2 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal, Pannunzio said.

People can register for a COVID-19 test at LAX by clicking here .

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